Sunnybag Nachhaltigkeit - Kooperation mit Pachama

Our mission is to promote a conscious and environmentally friendly society by creating stylish, fashionable products that charge all of your portable devices with an unlimited source of clean energy - sunlight.

With our SUNNYBAGs, we make solar energy accessible to everyone and thus want to make the use of mobile electronic devices more sustainable.
Nachhaltigkeit bei SUNNYBAG

A SUNNYBAG inspires environmentally friendly energy generation

Sunlight takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds to hit the SUNNYBAG solar panel. Just a millisecond later, you realize how easily solar energy can be used in everyday life.
For us, a SUNNYBAG is not just a solar charger, but rather a tool to inspire others to use renewable energy sources in everyday life. 
Show your friends how easy it is - they will be surprised (voucher code  FRIENDS10). 

We are CO2 neutral

Since 2021, we have been completely offsetting all CO2 emissions from production and delivery routes through our cooperation with Pachama. We thank the company Glacier for their support in determining our CO2 footprint and choosing the right partner. We support the reforestation of the rainforest in Papa New Guinea. The VCS certificate is available for download here
Our products are therefore CO2 positive from the first use and you support climate protection with your SUNNYBAG and reduce your personal CO2 footprint - the more you use it, the more CO2 is saved.

Less plastic - more recycling

All packaging for our battery packs and solar chargers is made from recycled waste paper and is therefore 100% plastic-free. In addition, the outer textile of the Sunnybag ICONIC is made from 50% recycled PET bottles. On the one hand, this means that old polyethylene plastic is reused and, on the other hand, less new plastic is required - another step towards making a positive contribution to environmental protection. The use of the recycling material is confirmed with the Global Recycled Standard  certificate. 

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